The cost to start using NitroPCR: $0

Nada. Zip. Zilch. Get the picture?

You only pay for the PCRs you create each month, and getting started is easy. There are no costs for training, setup, installation, maintenance, licensing, or support. With NitroPCR, those costs are in the price of each PCR. This makes knowing the true cost of managing PCRs in NitroPCR easy to calculate.

NitroPCR runs on low cost, easy to get mobile devices. Many of our customers say that they launched NitroPCR for no up-front cost, just by working with their wireless provider to put together a tablet based solution. If you already have smart phones in your rigs, you're all set! Many users also use their own devices, since NitroPCR is HIPAA compliant on any device.

The switch from paper to digital PCRs should not be stressful to your organization, it should be a relief from the stress of managing paper PCRs! Our goal is to make it fast, easy, and painless to make the switch from paper or even another PCR system to NitroPCR.

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