NitroPCR Server Release 08-03-2016

We released a few updates to the NitroPCR Web app this week. On the State Export Report screen, you'll see a set of check boxes that let you filter the PCRs that will be included in the XML report. You can now filter by PCR Status: Submitted, Approved, or Complete. This will allow you to only send PCRs to the State reporting system that are approved or complete, vs. sending all PCRs to the state.

If your agency uses NitroPCR's archive service, the archive system now allows some edits to PCRs. These PCRs are not accessible from the mobile app. This change allows workflow edits to be made to a PCR after it has been archived. For example, PCRs may get archived while they are in the Approved status, but once they get billed, you still need to mark them complete.

NitroPCR Server Release 12-18-2015

As NitroPCR has grown and gained traction, we get requests that enhance the ability to effectively search for PCRs in the NitroPCR web app, particularly from a billing and Q/A point of view. We want to ensure we are adhering to NitroPCR users' best practices, so here are the changes that you will see this Friday (Friday, December 18 2015):

  • Search results are now sortable! Just click on the column header to sort, click again to reverse that sort.
  • Searching by Run ID or Dispatch ID no longer requires PCR status to be checked. Searching for that run ID or Dispatch ID should return that PCR no matter what status it is in.
  • Searching by Name and DOB works more accurately. You can search for any combinations of First & Last Name & DOB.
  • Fixed Bug where DOB field was not reset properly when performing another search
  • Sorted PCR Status check boxes in a more logical order
  • Added search criteria option for Meds and Procedures. This limits results to only PCRs with Meds administered, procedures performed, or both.
  • Added more search indexes to the NitroPCR database, improving search times for several types of searches.

NitroPCR Server Release 11-27-2015

Well, we recovered from the Turkey induced coma and even managed to send out a small server release! Here are a few changes that you will see this afternoon (Friday, November 27 2015):

  • Change user list into a sortable table view. Clicking any column header will sort on that column
  • In NJ, CMS Condition code is now required if the disposition is transport.

NitroPCR Version 0.2.58

There are quite a few nice updates in this version of NitroPCR:

On Sunday's server update, we added a new feature: Narrative Templates.

In your Agency, you will see a new field labeled "Narrative Template". The contents of this field are copied into each PCR narrative on creation. For example, if you use the CHART method, then in the Narrative Template field, you might put the text:


And this text will be copied into the narrative when a PCR is created. You may use this field for whatever purpose you see fit, but be mindful of the fact that NEMSIS 2.2.x PCRs have a 4000 character limit.

Here are the changes in version 0.2.58 of the NitroPCR app:

  • Add Dispatch Reason to PCR listing on Home Screen
  • Make Large write in fields like narrative expand as you type
  • Make Drop Down select lists (Spinners) use the same custom drop down arrow
  • Style all text consistently throughout the app
  • Any errors in NitroPCR are now logged and reported with user's ID to better track down issues

There are also some internal changes to add stability and performance to the app.

The NitroPCR mobile app should update automatically, but if it doesn't, you can visit the Google Play Store and update manually: We strongly suggest enabling Automatic Updates in the Play Store App.

As always, contact us if anything doesn't work like you expect it to.

NitroPCR Version 0.2.55

  • Add Pull to Refresh to the main PCR list. Just drag the list down from the top and it will re-fetch the list of PCRs
  • Fix a bug where Validating a PCR that comes back valid and then immediately submitting will cause a "This PCR has been modified" error. PCRs are now reloaded automatically if they come back valid.
  • (Hopefully) Fix an infrequent crash that can happen if Android kills NitroPCR while it's in the background.

NitroPCR Version 0.2.54

NitroPCR Version 0.2.54 was released today, and contains a few changes and fixes:

  • Change Training Video link to the latest version
  • Fix text and input styles for Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
  • Move signature capture buttons to top of screen to prevent accidental Submit/Reset when signing
  • Display message to user if PCR has changed on the server when trying to save PCR

Christmas Release

Santa has loaded up his sleigh

And he's bringing some sweet NitroPCR features!

Santas Sleigh

Santa didn't forget about you; he made his list, checked it twice, and YOU are on it! Here's a list of things he's delivering this week:

  • A new NitroPCR mobile app, with fewer bugs and a cleaner layout. We've made sure that your PCR is saved at every opportunity and now if you switch over to play a game of Candy Crush, we'll be sure to save your PCR.
  • Crew assignment - on the web dispatch form you can now assign individual users to a PCR vs. having to assign a crew to a unit and assigning the unit to a PCR. Both will work, but now you can just add the primary crew member to the PCR directly. This field is at the top of the web UI PCR dispatch screen.
  • Return trip PCRs! On the dispatch form down by the save button, if you check the "Create a Return trip" box, you'll get a duplicate PCR with the Location and Destination fields swapped. Create a transport and return trip in one go! Just make sure you fill the first PCR dispatch out completely to eliminate as much data entry on the second PCR as possible. The return PCR will popup in a new screen: make any required edits and just click save.
  • When creating an XML report for uploading to your state, the file name will now have the dates for the oldest and newest PCR in the report to help keep track of your reports. This feature isn't perfect yet, but it will get the job done for now.
  • In a PCR report, if you click the "Open" link on a signature image (down at the bottom of the PCR), the signature screen now displays the printed name for the signature.
  • Validations - there are several state-level validation rule fixes and additions to ensure state compliance.

That about does it, we didn't want to overload Santa's sleigh this week. These changes will be rolled out today and all of your mobile devices SHOULD update automatically to Build 45 sometime today. If they haven't by this afternoon, open the Play Store app and check for updates manually. If anything doesn't look quite right or you have questions, feel free to contact us.

From all of us at NitroPCR, have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! If Christmas isn't your gig, enjoy some time with friends and family and get ready for 2015!

NitroPCR Inventory

Supply Tracking on PCRs

This week's update brings one of the most requested features to NitroPCR: a supply tracker for PCRs. Nestled down at the bottom of the "Miscellaneous" section of the PCR is a button named "Supplies". Clicking this button brings up a standard list widget. In the PCR, the user can select an item, enter the quantity, and it will be added to a Supply section at the bottom of the PCR report. There is also a report in the Admin interface under Reports -> Agency that tallies all the supplies used by all units between the two chosen dates. This gives your operations staff a top level report than can be used for re-supply.

The supplies in this list are entered on the Agency screen in the admin web interface. In the tabbed grid at the bottom of your agency screen is a new tab named "Inventory". Enter all the supplies that your crews may use on an event, and these will be displayed to them in the List Widget in the PCR.

NitroPCR Version 0.2.42

A few features to let you know about this week, along with a few internal app changes:

  • Add Change Log feature to show app updates - this will pop up when an updated version of NitroPCR is launched the first time, and is available from the log-in menu: Change Log Image
  • Add write-in date widget for dates like DOBs
  • Handle unknown field types if Server adds new type before client is updated - We try to make client and server updates not affect each other but sometimes, like when adding a new field type, the client will be 'broken' if it is not updated when the server is. This update make the client replace unknown field types with a placeholder telling the user to update their app.
  • On the server side, a few changes are included that support more state-specific PCR schema customizations like custom Incident Dispositions, and state specific printable PCR reports. Now almost ALL pick lists are state customizable, and NitroPCR will properly validate against state specific values. An example of this is if your state has a custom value for a disposition of "Treated & Transported by EMS", NitroPCR will still properly validate against that custom disposition.

NitroPCR Version 0.2.41

This week we have two features to add along with a new state PCR schema. In keeping with our goal to make NitroPCR as easy to learn and use as possible, we made a few features more visible. Address fields have always been long-clickable to allow launching whatever mapping software is installed on the device, but we now make that more obvious by adding a small earth icon to the right of any address field that is enabled in the PCR schema. Clicking that icon will launch any mapping app that is installed on the device. Also, AutoComplete fields have a small down arrow now to signify that there are selectable choices in that field along with being able to type in the field. Autocomplete fields show up in various locations in the app, such as medications, past medical history, etc.

On the NitroPCR server side, we are excited to implement the Mississippi PCR schema. It will be in testing for a week during certification with the state, then will become available to all MS customers. As a note, we can generally implement a new PCR schema within 1 week of getting the requirements from your state, so there are no long drawn out development cycles required to implement new state PCR schemas.

This app update is being deployed in the Google Play store, and should update some time today depending on where you are in the US. As a reminder, you should set NitroPCR to auto-update in the Play Store to ensure you are always using the latest version.

NitroPCR Version 0.2.40

There are just a few changes in this release, all involve catching data formatting errors:

  • Fix a crash that may happen when adding an item to a list then hitting the back button
  • Ensure data entered into a numeric field is actually a number
  • Ensure validation errors are cleared when opening a different PCR

NitroPCR Version 0.2.39

This is a minor update, with one fix and one addition.

  • Add link to user training video on log-in screen
  • Fix a crash that may happen when a destination is completely missing an address

NitroPCR Version 0.2.38

On the client, there are a few features and a few fixes:

  • Remove voice navigation - its not really needed since the app is navigable with one hand
  • Fix auto complete bug when address short code is empty
  • Add confirm dialog on submit
  • Add confirm dialog on Fax

On the server, there are several new features and fixes:

  • Fix issue with caching in Internet Explorer. Force IE to re-read data from the server
  • Fix confusing error message when trying to perform unauthorized action
  • Fix PCR search by name and DOB
  • Add paging to Agency grid for long lists
  • New Reports - see the reports menu for new User and Agency reports
  • Add dedicated signature section to client schema
  • More Google Glass support
  • Increase support for Parent/Child agencies for agencies that operate in multiple states
  • increased performance in html responses by increasing amount of data compression between server and browser

NitroPCR Version 0.2.37

Changes, Fixes, and Features In this release of NitroPCR:

  • Signature Capture! Capture a signature on any screen, and that signature is attached to the section of the PCR you are currently editing
  • Validation Handling - Better handling of validation error messages
  • Add validation and submit menu items in PCR menu - you can now validate right inside the PCR, decreasing the number of steps required to validate or submit a PCR.

NitroPCR Version 0.2.36

Our first NEMSIS Gold compliant release has following new features:

  • NEMSIS Gold Certified
  • New UI Style
  • Improved navigation between sections and screens
  • Better handling of Lists-of-Lists

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