NitroPCR Features

NitroPCR is a full featured mobile patient care reporting system. We partnered with a wide variety of EMS providers to build a core set of features that are needed in an effective ePCR system.

  • NEMSIS Gold Certified
  • HIPAA Compliant – All data is encrypted at all times, and no information is ever stored on your device
  • Cloud Based – Data is always available across our redundant, secure cloud infrastructure
  • Patient Management – Store frequent patient demographic and payment information and create PCRs using that stored data. Saves time and makes PCRs more accurate
  • Compliant – PCRs are validated and checked when submitting. PCRs cannot be submitted until they meet your state’s validation requirements
  • Easy – Training is fast. Users watch a few short videos and are able to complete a PCR just minutes after installing NitroPCR
  • Signature Capture – capture patient, crew, receiving, and refusal signatures
  • Image Capture – attach multiple images to a PCR, like insurance cards, EKG strips, admission sheets, PCSs
  • Speech Enabled – Use the power of cloud speech processing to dictate narratives with high accuracy.
  • Easy to Navigate – Quickly scroll and swipe between screens and sections with one hand
  • Supply Management – Track supplies used on each call, making billing and re-supply easy and accurate
  • Rapid Deployment and Scale – Deploy across hundreds of devices quickly and easily – automatic updates ensure NitroPCR stays up to date with no IT resources required
  • Cost Effective – Pay only for the PCRs you create each month with no up front, training, support, maintenance, or licensing fees.
  • Wide device compatibility – Runs on a wide range of phones and tablets.

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