NitroPCR is efficient

Our research early in the design of NitroPCR showed us that up to 20 minutes of employee labor is wasted just in duplicate data entry, PER PCR. This time adds up FAST. The efficiency gained in eliminating duplicate data entry more than pays for NitroPCR a few times over. Now, let's consider the efficiency gained by eliminating the paper from your back office PCR workflows.

  • No more shuttling reports between stations to the billing office.
  • No more employee mailboxes with non-compliant PCRs waiting to be corrected.
  • No more banker boxes full of PCRs stuffed into closets, storage rooms, or self storage facilities.

Speaking of storage, have you considered how HIPAA compliant your paper PCR storage is today?

Try a demo of NitroPCR today to see how efficient your organization can be after switching to NitroPCR.

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