November 3, 2016

Mobile, Alabama - Open Frame LLC today announced the availability of NitroBILL, a secure web-based billing solution for Emergency Medical Services that eliminates billing errors and ensures that reimbursement claims are paid faster. Flexible, comprehensive, and easy to use, NitroBILL automates the entire billing cycle workflow and saves EMS providers a significant amount of time and money.

“After the successful launch of our NitroPCR mobile ePCR system, our customers immediately started asking if we could help them manage their revenue cycles.” said Nik Martin, former paramedic, public safety systems developer, and Open Frame’s president. “So we gathered our customer’s billing needs, surveyed other vendors’ offerings, and went to work. The result is NitroBILL.”

Take Control of Your Revenue Cycle Workflow

NitroBILL provides EMS providers with more flexibility, more time savings, and better data accuracy than competitive billing systems. NitroBILL users choose the transport source and destination from EMS-specific claim entry screens. NitroBILL manages the list of payers and submits claims using direct payer connectivity features. The resulting claims process is faster, smoother, and results in fewer claim denials. NitroBILL supports claims connectivity to over 2,500 payers. NitroBILL also supports contract payers as well as cash invoicing and statements, for complete control over the provider’s revenue cycle.

Seamlessly Integrated with NitroPCR

Before sending a claim to NitroBILL, NitroPCR analyzes and validates each PCR to ensure it is compliant with state requirements and NEMSIS regulations, then NitroBILL scrubs each claim using customizable rules and passes only error-free claims to payers, clearinghouses, and contracted payers. NitroBILL cuts the time to file claims by up to 65% based on data entry time savings alone.

Advanced Reporting For Better, Quicker Decisions

NitroBILL has a catalog of built-in reports, including many reports specifically designed for EMS. Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) reports can be generated based on ambulance specific procedure codes, and the system has the ability to determine if a code is ALS, BLS or both. NitroBILL can export reports to Excel or PDF formats. Several dashboards and aging reports are available for better claims process analysis.

Low Cost Delivers Bottom Line Savings

Using the same low pay-per-use pricing model as NitroPCR, NitroBILL has no per-seat licensing costs, support costs, and has low on-boarding costs. This makes NitroBILL as easy to budget for and to use as NitroPCR. Patient eligibility verification checks are also included at no additional cost.

Siva Narayanaswamy, CEO and co-founder of iTech whose expEDIum Medical Billing solution is integrated as NitroBILL, said: “iTech is excited to be part of Open Frame’s quest to create additional value for EMS providers with this cost-effective and seamlessly integrated billing and RCM solution.”

About Open Frame

Open Frame, the company behind NitroPCR and NitroBILL, was founded in 2013 to bring low-cost, high-tech mobile reporting and revenue cycle solutions to small and mid-sized emergency medical services (EMS) providers. Open Frame serves all fifty states and their Patient Care Reporting (PCR) and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) products are NEMSIS and HIPAA compliant.

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About iTech

iTech Workshop has been a leading vendor in providing cost effective healthcare revenue cycle management and claims processing solutions to small & medium size healthcare practices, EMS/Ambulance Agencies, TPAs & IPAs across USA. iTech’s expEDIum suite of products includes Cloud Based expEDIum Medical Billing Software, expEDIum Claims Portal Solution, and expEDIum Revenue Cycle Management Services. iTech’s solutions are used by over 1000 providers either directly or through a handful of integration partners. iTech is a leading vendor in the Public Health Clinic space in a State along with one of our EMR Partners.


Siva Narayanaswamy
iTech Workshop Private Limited

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