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Open Frame Announces Availability of NitroBILL

Open Frame LLC has partnered with iTech to integrate their cloud based medical billing and Revenue Cycle Management solution as NitroBILL

EMS World 2016

NitroPCR will be in booth 651 at EMS World this year, come by and see us, and check out what's new...

Alabama EMS Conference Door Prize Winner

Congratulations to Sarah H., who won the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 at the Alabama EMS Conference this year...

Alabama EMS Conference

NitroPCR is a proud Platinum Sponsor of the Alabama EMS Conference this year, back from a long hiatus...

Honoring our Veterans

Those who live in freedom will always be grateful to those who helped preserve it.

NitroPCR wins the Alabama Launchpad Startup Competition

NitroPCR wins $75,000 in Alabama's version of Shark Tank...

Paper is the leading cause of HIPAA breaches

Paper is the leading cause of HIPAA breaches...

Emware partnership ends

Emware ceases operations on short notice...

New Partnership

NitroPCR has partnered with Emware to offer an affordable, integrated ePCR+CAD solution.

intrepidNow Podcast

Talking about NitroPCR and mobile healthcare on the intrepidNow Podcast

Identity Management

Identity Management as a Service

Alabama Launchpad

We're excited to be selected to compete in the final round for $250k of prize money

The New NitroPCR Website

NitroPCR has a new website!

Clearing a Date/Time field

Sometimes you may set a time or date in a field that you need to clear. It's simple once you know how :)


While the states' adoption of NEMSIS 3 has been slow, there seems to be a consensus that '2015 is the year we all switch to NEMSIS version 3'

PCR Archiving

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about NitroPCR's archive service, since it's usually not the first thing people think about when considering converting from paper to electronic PCRs, but is very important in order to stay compliant legally. With NitroPCR, it's easy to maintain your PCRs online in a safe, accessible format and reduce your PCR storage hassle and costs.

Data Ownership in NitroPCR

One thing NitroPCR is committed to doing is keeping your data yours...

Google Glass Sneak Peek

Last week we mentioned NitroPCR's Google Glass integration in a press release. We have rolled this out to our staging server so if you have a Google Glass and want to check it out, here's how

NitroPCR article at Glass App Source

Glass App Source has written a nice article about our new Google Glass integration. Check it out here. If you haven't heard, we are finalizing our testing of Google Glass integration with NitroPCR.

Validation Tips

There are two ways to validate a pcr, with a slight difference in the way the system behaves, based on which way you choose.

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