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We have helped hundreds of service providers like you ensure they are providing the highest level of care, compliance and efficiency in their operations. NitroPCR is our flagship product that we dedicate 100% of our resources to. While we frequently integrate and partner with other companies in order to provide value to our customers, we are NOT a billing and claims processing company like many other ePCR vendors. We don’t sell hardware or medical equipment. We dedicate 100% of our resources to NitroPCR.

Cloud Powered

Open Frame builds mobile applications with unlimited power, backed by high horsepower cloud based services.

Nik Martin, Founder

Nik founded Open Frame in March of 2013. He started his career in the US Navy on the flight decks of the aircraft carriers USS Coral Sea and USS Theodore Roosevelt where he served in Operation Desert Storm, Desert Shield, and Provide Comfort. After leaving the Navy, he attended Paramedic School at the University of South Alabama and served as a Paramedic and Fire Medic for several years around Mobile and Baldwin County Alabama. He then became interested in IT, and implemented one of the first ePCR systems in Alabama in 1994 in Mobile County. He then went to work for Intergraph Public Safety, implementing and supporting Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and mobile data systems in some of the largest public safety dispatch centers in the United States. He started software development while at Intergraph, and designed and wrote a handheld computer based portable mobile data terminal (MDT) for the country of Wales, UK. He has also worked for DoD contractors in Huntsville and Mobile, and has been a part of three startup technology firms prior to starting Open Frame. He is also an avid outdoor cook and pizza enthusiast and it is said that his outdoor wood fired pizza oven produces the best pizzas in the world.

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NitroPCR is mobile software for completing, managing, and reporting Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Patient Care Reports. NitroPCR version 0.2.00 is certified NEMSIS Gold. Read More


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